Krypton Networks

About Us

About Krypton Networks and how it was created!

About Us

Krypton Networks was founded in the late months of 2016 and started development on the 2nd of January. We are a cheap yet reliable service provider for our various clients that want to start their own communities, companies or just to have a private game with a friend. Krypton Networks was originally founded by both Lachlan Laypang (Managing Director) and William Morrow (System Administrator). As of June 2017 we are currently the second best globally of the many leading hosting providers for Garry's Mod. We are also currently the most popular gaming server provider on hostpicker. We now run with multiple staff and have recently released our Arma 3 package.

Why Us?

We are a great value provider and have a great staff team who are very knowledgeable in their field. Our support staff are constantly on hand and will help you through everything step by step so you can create a server no matter how good you are at coding or creating servers. If you really need to, you can also get us to do it for you! (DarkRP Only) We will also transfer all of your game files for you. We can talk you through it through a support ticket or you can speak to us using our discord! We also utilise a live chat on our websites so we can handle all your questions straight away.

Our Staff

Lachlan Laypang

Managing Director

William Morrow

System Administrator / Network Administrator


Support Agent