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Privacy Policy

Ensure that you read this thoroughly, to make sure that you don't breach the terms set by us!

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Make a data removal request or a data request here:

If you wish to request your data please allow us up to 2-3 business days to process the information and to send it to you securely.

If you wish to have your data removed and purged you must ensure that you have no active services or products on your account and that you have not made any transactions with us for 31 days.

How long does Krypton Networks store data?

We store the below information on your account indefinitely until the account owner requests for a data removal. We then store the data for a maximum of 31 days, as soon as the account owner has requested for their account to be removed and purged from all databases and that they have no active services or products on their account and no transactions with us for at least 31 days.

This data includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full Name
  • Full address
  • Email address
  • IP addresses
  • Telephone number
  • Company name (when applicable)
  • Order history
  • Invoices
  • Quotes
  • Support tickets
  • Transactions

  • All other data such as but not limited to:

  • Email logs
  • Ticket attachments
  • Tickets and ticket replies

  • can be purged from our databases at the request of the account owner.

    DPA - Registration Details

    ICO Registration ID: ZA443548

    What information is collected?

    The information we collect is collected through accounts you register through Krypton Networks. This is mainly the billing site. When you register to our site you will be asked to provide your personal details such as a full name, address, email and phone number for security reasons. Your IP address will also be logged for security reasons.

    How do we use the information?

    We use your information for the following:

  • To personalise your experience on our site.
  • To improve customer support.
  • To send automatic emails regarding deals and important notifications.
  • Training purposes.
  • Security and fraud protection purposes.
  • How do we protect your information?

    We have a vast majority of security measures in place to prevent your information from being exposed such as, strong website encryptions, latest software updates and more. Keep in mind only senior staff members are able to see your private information. Currently that is:

  • Lachlan Laypang
  • William Morrow
  • Cookies

    All of our sites and applications currently use cookies to store vital information.

    Third Party

    Krypton Networks does not share any of your private information with third parties.

    Your Consent

    When using our sites or products you automatically agree to our privacy policy. You also agree that we are not required to notify you when updates are applied to our privacy policy.

    Last updated on: 20/09/2020 15:33PM

    Krypton Networks reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at ANY time without notification.