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Thank you for visiting Krypton Networks! We are one of the best game server providers around offering cheap, reliable and lag free game and web servers around, all with free state of the art DDoS protection and more!
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Game Servers

Currently, we offer a variety of the best Game Servers for you to choose from, at the lowest prices! This includes Garry's Mod & CS: GO all with user friendly control panels and the newest technology to keep your server running lag free!

Web Hosting

We provide the market's best web hosting services, utilising cPanel, Intel technology and vast amounts of bandwidth to suit your needs, equipped with the best DDoS protection around, keeping your service up and running!

DDoS Protection

All of our servers are protected by truly astonishing Corero DDoS protection technology, ready to block any common attacks of up to 80-100Gbps. Our DDoS protection also focuses around game specific attacks keeping your Garry's Mod, ARMA 3, CSGO or web hosting service up and running at it's best performance!

Powerful Services

Our services come equipped with the latest technology, suited for your game server needs, low pings and rocket fast network speeds to ensure that your service is truly up and running for 24 hours!

Powerful Servers, Affordable Prices!

Christine Preusler, HostingAdvice

Krypton Networks is on a mission to provide affordable and powerful hosting for gamers, developers and SMBs. The company serves up affordable, reliable and highly performant hosting that appeals to all types of customers.

Great Service!

Mathias Jensen

Who doesn't love young entrepreneurs - at least I do myself. The best part is that in my eyes you guys are even the best on the market, and after having 7 different hosts myself, that is quite a solid achievement.

Krypton Networks Review!


The server host has been really good to our community called Empire Networks. Every time something's gone wrong or we had been DDoSed, he helped track IPs, monitor the server and he even came and played a few times.

Great Website Hosting!

Landon Ledford

I accidentally changed my server to CS:GO and a lovely customer support [personnel] by the name of Lachlan told me I could get my server back but not my files. He was able to get my server and my files.