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Terms of Service

Ensure that you read this thoroughly, to make sure that you don't breach the terms set by us!

The following terms refer to Krypton Networks

Us, we, our, ourselves, company, the company, KryptonNetworks, Krypton Networks,, Krypton Networks Ltd

The following terms refer to you

You, the customer, customer, customers, the persons, client, the client, clients

PayPal Chargebacks

We do not accept any PayPal Chargebacks for any reason whatsoever. Any customers who claim for a chargeback will have their account suspended permanently from Krypton Networks and their services terminated instantly without any refund.

Refund Policy

A customer may request a refund within 7 days of purchase if the customer's service is deemed faulty and unusable due to a fault of our own. This would include any of the following:

  • The game panel or cPanel being unavailable for more than 24 hours.
  • Your service being unavailable prior to any custom content being installed onto the server e.g. maps or addons.
  • An error which results in your service not being activated within 24 hours.
  • No initial reply to a support ticket/request within 24 hours.

  • An example of invalid reason to request a refund is: "I don't want it." or " I accidentally bought it!" Once we have issued a refund any server data may not be recovered. Krypton Networks will not issue refunds for planned maintenance and we will not issue refunds for any unplanned downtime. You may not request a refund if you have purchased the wrong package. The refund policy does not apply for any packages that are being renewed. If you have ordered a service addon with your package such as: "Prometheus Full Installation" our refund policy is a bit different. You may request a refund for that service addon for any reason within 24 hours of purchase. For example if you decide to cancel the service addon we will refund you as long as it's within 24 hours since purchase.

    Price Changes

    Krypton Networks will not notify customers of any price changes that may occur.

    Age Requirement

    You must be over the age of 16 to signup to any of our services or place an order. If you sign up, under the age of 16 years old you hereby confirm that you have consent from a parent or guardian.

    Billing Cycles

    Krypton Networks offer 4 different billing cycles these are: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually. A customer may choose to change their billing cycle at any time however the change will not take effect until the next renewal.

    Customers may not use our hosting to do the following

  • Use illegally obtained software.
  • Use the service to host pornographic/illegal material.
  • Use the service for any cyber crimes referring to the United Kingdom's cyber crime laws.
  • Use the web hosting for spamming emails etc.
  • Re-sell our packages without authorisation from Krypton Networks.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your service and suspend your account for these reasons without refund. If any illegal actions are committed the appropriate authorities will be notified.

    Account Suspension

    Krypton Networks reserves the right to suspend your account without any notice for as long as we wish. If the customer is using our service for any abusive / illegal reasons a refund will not be given.

    Renewing a Package

    The customer's package will be renewed depending on the billing cycle the customer chose using the payment method the customer chose upon first payment of the customer's package. The refund policy does not apply for renewing packages.

    Service Delivery Times

    Krypton Networks has automatic setup of services upon purchase and will generally take 2-5 minutes for setup depending on the package. If there is a problem with setting up your package, it could take up to 24 hours for setup of your service.


    The customer is responsible for creating cancellation requests for their service. Failure to create a request will result in invoices being generated and the customer being billed from the customer's payment method. Any services that have been paid for before a cancellation request will not be refunded. The refund policy is excluded from this.

    Service Termination

    Services will be terminated if payment is not received by the due date of the service's renewal invoice. A service is suspended 1 day after the invoice has gone overdue with an email sent to the client and 2 days after that the service will be terminated with no notification. Once your service is cancelled any lost data will not be recovered. Krypton Networks reserves the right to cancel your service for any abusive / illegal reasons and a refund will not be given.


    Krypton Networks is not held responsible for any emails arriving in your spam or junk folder sent by Krypton Networks. If an email regarding invoice reminders is not received by a customer refunds will not be given.

    Custom Packages

    Krypton Networks currently offer custom packages for Web Hosting only. Krypton Networks reserve the right to deny any custom package requests for any reason.

    Upgrade/Downgrade Options

    Krypton Networks offers customers the ability to upgrade their services as long as an invoice for renewal has not already been generated for the product that the client wishes to upgrade/downgrade. If a customer has made a mistake when upgrading / downgrading, Krypton Networks will not be held reliable and will not issue any refunds. This excludes the refund policy.

    Data Loss

    We cannot guarantee that data corruption will not occur; Krypton Networks will not be held reliable for any corruption or bad modifications a client has done to their service. It is the client's responsibility to hold backups of their own service.

    DoS and DDoS

    Krypton Networks does not hold responsibility for any downtime that occurs on your service due to a DDoS / DoS attack or other acts of nature. Our services can only block up to a certain amount of traffic and this is specified before purchase. If any customers are found to be attacking Krypton Network's servers at any time will result in a termination of the customers service and a suspension of their account.


    We aim to have 100% uptime however this is not guaranteed if your service does go down without any reason, Krypton Networks will not be held responsible, which means no refunds will be given unless the service is continuously unavailable for 24 hours or more.


    When purchasing from Krypton Networks you are agreeing not to hold Krypton Networks reliable for any purchases or modifications you have made to your purchase.

    CPU Usage

    Our processors on our servers are made to withstand a lot of heavy weight however if a customer is found using a lot of our processor usage their service will be suspended without warning and no refunds will be given. In order for the customer's services to be unsuspended they must remove whatever was causing the usage to go so high.

    Promotion Codes

    Krypton Networks is not responsible for promotion codes. If promotion codes do not work, Krypton Networks will not be held responsible. A customer may make a support ticket about the promotional code not working and the customer will be given a new one.


    Krypton Networks reserve the right to hold any data that you put on our site ( and we can review any services that you hold that may contain any illegally obtained software.

    File Transfer

    File Transfer is a package offered to the client upon checkout. Upon purchasing this addon the customer must check their emails for the details and they must allow Krypton Networks 48 hours to do the transfer and may not request a refund for it before 48 hours.


    Any orders created and not paid for after 5 days of initial generation will result in the order and invoice being cancelled.

    Location Changes

    A customer may request to have their location changed for their game service at anytime as long as the location is avaliable. Krypton Networks will invoice a customer a £10.00 GBP fee for any requested location changes. Krypton Networks reserve the right to decline any location change requests at any time..

    PayPal Subscription

    If a customer decides to checkout with PayPal subscription it's the customer's responsibility to cancel any recurring payments being made to Krypton Networks Ltd on the customer's PayPal account. Krypton Networks will not issue any form of reimbursement in the event that a customer is charged even if the service was cancelled in the Krypton Networks client area.


    A customer may request to sign up to our affiliate program free of charge they may also request to payout an affiliate balance once it has reached a minimum of £25.00 GBP. Krypton Networks Ltd reserves the right to close down any affiliate accounts or refuse to pay out an affiliate balance that are in breach of our Terms of Service or any other reason. This includes but is not limited to affiliate links being used on scam websites, fake promotion code websites and/or anything similar.

    Trial Servers

    We reserve the right to cancel or reject any trial servers for any reason. Trial servers could also take up to 48 hours for approval.

    Last updated on: 05/06/2021

    Krypton Networks reserve the right to modify this Terms of Service at ANY time without notification.