Krypton Networks

DDoS Protection

Protecting you against the #1 threat online!

UK Protection

In both our London & Bristol locations we utilise the Corero Network Threat Defense System to mitigate inbound DDoS attacks on our servers. The Corero NTD can filter up to 80-100Gbps of malicious traffic. The Corero NTD is capable of filtering many malicious attack methods, custom or not. Corero monitors for many unusual attack patterns 24/7/365 to truly make sure your server is up for 24 hours!

US Protection

In our New York location, we utilise custom built filters optimised for dealing with the biggest attacks out there. The filters are able to filter up to 20Gbps of malicious traffic. Although this sounds low, it's the best we can get for free. If we offered up to 100Gbps of DDoS protection, we would have to start charging clients for DDoS protection which we have no intentions to do. Again, our filters for the US monitor for many unusual attack patterns 24/7/365!